Six Thoughts on Success

May 11, 2022 –

I believe the key to achieving success is self-improvement and investing in your education can help you ensure success. The importance of education continues to grow as more and more people realize that their education will determine their professional and personal success.

  1. No one sets out to be a failure. I have heard people talk about being a lawyer, doctor, teacher, and even a sportswriter. I have never heard anyone say, “l want to be a failure.”
  2. People need a personal success goal and a plan for achieving it. The individual must define the goal and commit it to paper or computer.
  3. It doesn’t matter where you start, but you must start. I have found successful people take positive action every day that brings them closer to goal achievement.
  4. Celebrate. The best celebration is to share with someone else what you are learning.
  5. Never get mad at someone for being more successful than you. It is not his or her fault.
  6. Study what others have worked hard to gain and learn and swiftly apply the knowledge they gained; not wasting valuable time re-inventing the wheel.

Some researchers find that a To-Do List of up to six tasks works best. The goal is to get the activities on the list done. The strategy is each day to accomplish the things on your to-do list. Without a list, you can’t establish priorities. With a list, you get the first project done and then move on to the next priority. You may not accomplish all six of your goals, but you will get the higher priority projects done.

Someone said, “You always have time for things you put first.”