September 2, 2020

When you realize you’ll never fit into some of your clothes again, it’s time to pass them on. Today, my wife and carried two large containers of clothing to the thrift center at The Florida Baptist Children’s Home. These containers held many nice shirts, pants, dresses, and blouses we no longer used — basically, we had outgrown the clothing. 

We used to say, “Someday, we will lose weight and fit into the clothes again.” Someday hasn’t and probably will never occur. So, we boxed up the clothes and took them to the Florida Baptist Children’s Home.

Upon arrival, a teenage boy came out to carry the two boxes into the receiving room. He noticed two small Miracle Grow bags in my SUV and said, “Planning on planting a garden?” “No, I responded, I’m using it for my flowers.” His next question was, “What flowers are you growing?” I replied all kinds of flowers.” As he started toward the building’s entrance door, he said, Good luck on your garden.”

The young man saw two small fertilizer bags and asked two questions and made one statement based on his observations. It was refreshing to deal with someone who showed an interest in me and what I was doing. When was the last time someone showed an interest in you? Or, when was the last time you showed an interest in someone else?

As I grow older, I listen more to what people say, but I’m even more mindful of what they do.