Seldom Are We Honest With Ourselves

January 11, 2023 –

Seldom are we honest with ourselves about our self-improvement plans. For example, when an overweight person commits to losing 10 pounds per month for the first six months of the new year, they haven’t counted the price they will pay to lose those 60 pounds. A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, so to lose 60 pounds, you must burn 210,000 more calories than you consume. Wishing for and hoping for are not methods for dropping 60 pounds in six months.

Another resolution that proves hard to keep is to improve our self-image. How we see ourselves has a powerful impact on happiness. People have looked at themselves for so long that they only look at themselves as they are today and not what they can become.

Lifestyle or behavior is an entrenched habit many people want to improve by improving their self-image. I have a list of 18 affirmations I read daily, sometimes twice daily, that may help you improve your self-image and fulfill your resolutions. 


I Will reflect on my purpose in everything I do.

I Will learn to be fair to myself.

I Will believe in myself.

I Will love myself for who I am.

I Will accept change.

I Will get outside of my comfort zone.

I Will do things as they come up.

I Will focus on the positive.

I Will forgive myself and others.

I Will accept myself for who I am.

I Will go for good enough.

I Will stay the course.

I Will learn new things.

I Will live in the moment. Nothing happens next.

I Will practice self-forgiveness.

I Will stop worrying.

I Will forget about mistakes.

I Will cut myself some slack.

You lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn. You get control of your life when you think more positively and less negatively.