Quotes by Wayne

  • The person who grew up in a kinder, gentler time needs time to adjust. Age is ever accelerating, and much time is necessary to process change.
  • It’s dangerous to overlook the real problem staring you in the face, not deal with it and move on.
  • For though we may not be successful, we live in a world of opportunities. We need only take the time to notice and act on these opportunities.
  • People don’t love you because of WHAT you do; they love you because of WHY you do it.
  • Creative thinking is difficult because the mind seeks order and struggles with change.
  • In a crowded forest of people, one tree stands out, you! 
  • Influence today and today will influence you.
  • Attempting to avoid a mistake is a mistake. If you choose to continue worrying, worry!  It’s your decision.
  • Opportunists see a universe overflowing with opportunity. Pessimists view a universe void of possibility.