Quotes by Wayne Nalls

April 22, 2020 –

  • Why people with nothing to say, talk, and people with something to say don’t speak? 
  • Look for a rainbow, and you’ll find it. And, in the rainbow, you will see God.
  • The essence of joy is a man should so live he finds his joy in the present, and not in filtered remembrances of the past. 
  • No matter what people tell you when the death’s curtain closes, judgment is on your performance only, not the supporting cast. 
  • Happiness isn’t about wealth, position, talent, or IQ. It’s about being grateful for what you have. 
  • In a forest of people, one tree stands out, you. 
  • Jesus doesn’t save based on your past; He saves based on you owning up to your past and inviting Him into your present. 
  • There is no place you can’t meet Jesus, but some places offer better opportunities. 
  • Though he was a gifted musician, David did not kill Goliath with a flute or harp; he boldly slew him with a stone taken from a river bed.