Quotes by Wayne

October 28, 2020 –

  • Monday morning observations aren’t as hard as Sunday’s decisions.
  • I don’t write because I like to write; I write because I want to communicate ideas.
  • Do not settle for good enough; you’ll never know how good you could have been.
  • People do well to love their friends as they are, not how they expect them to be.
  • People are amazed at the number of ideas that emerge when they let their minds dream. — Wayne Nalls
  • Once we reward everyone for participating instead of winning, everyone will only care about participating.
  • Nirvana happens when people quit wanting what they don’t need and freely give what they have.
  • Make time for others. You are not alone on this planet. God didn’t create this planet just for you. People need people, and someone needs you.
  • Don’t think of 24 hours as a day. Think of it as a time for living. Some choose to live well; some don’t.
  • Compassion is when you look at your neighbor through God’s eyes and respond as God would respond.