Putting On A Wetsuit

March 15, 2023 –

Contrary to many Florida chamber of commerce releases, The Sunshine State does have winter. Maybe no snow. But in central Florida, winter temperatures can hover around the low 30 and the high 20s.

If you have a swimming pool, as I do, the approach of winter weather can keep you out of the pool. My wife and I had an excellent pool exercise routine several winters back. As winter approached, we decided that wetsuits would help retain body heat. We would be warm in the cold pool, an excellent decision. We ordered two suits, one black, the other blue.

When the insulated wetsuits arrived, we were excited to try them out. Our slick-looking suits made of neoprene helped me visualize myself as a Navy Seal on a mission to save the world.

We all know wetsuits insulate swimmers, and you must get them on to be effective.

The time spent unwrapping our new prized underwater possessions was quick. Trying to get wetsuits on is another story. The time spent jumping and wiggling to put on the wetsuit wasted precious swimming time. And we risked our dignity before the neighbors. Fortunately, there were no witnesses to our absurd attempt to wrestle into the neoprene suits. The harsh reality was we didn’t have bodies designed for the wetsuits.

I read an article on “How to Take Off a Wetsuit in 30 Seconds.” We never needed to know how to take off the wetsuits. We never got them on.