Put Your Opinions to the Test

October 14, 2020 –

We can add the word “opinion” to the word “closed mind” because most times, the two terms are synonyms.

Have you ever thought your opinions may not resonate with others? The next time you speak, don’t listen to yourself talking. Observe the reactions of others to what you say. Or ask them to repeat what you said. What you see and what you hear may surprise you.

Occasionally, you’ll encounter people who refuse to take a stance on a subject. This indifferent stance may be helpful when they want to be unbiased or have no particular interest in it.

Be prepared when you ask someone for their opinion. For example, “What’s your opinion on the state of American politics?” Usually, you’ll get a diverse and robust range of views.

Do your opinions pass the validity test? To confirm your views, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my opinion based on facts?
  • Is my opinion based on firsthand experience or secondary information?
  • Is my opinion biased?
  • Am I open to the opinions of others?

When we voice our opinions, we state your worldview— how we see things. Your beliefs — that’s all they are — are colored by the events in your life, by the people you associate with, your education, environment, and experience. Some people may not be acquainted with all the people you know; they haven’t experienced the same places, or associated with the same people, and don’t share the same education as you. There is no one like you.

There is wisdom in the caution, “Be careful with a view or judgment formed about something, not based on fact or knowledge.