Peanut Butter

August 5, 2020 –

I used to eat a lot of peanut butter on sandwiches, on Ritz crackers, spoonful sometimes with a slice of pineapple. Eating peanuts and peanut butter helps control hunger without leading to weight gain. It is high in valuable nutrition and fiber. There are many ways to eat peanut butter; I find the best approach is to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There are many peanut butter brands: Peter Pan, Jif, Skippy, and Smucker’s, to name a few. My favorite is Jif. I have a 16-oz. jar in my pantry,

While my father was in the Army, my mother, brother, and I stayed with our paternal grandparents. They had a farm in South Georgia and grew peanuts, among other crops. I used to watch Papa plant his peanuts and then harvest them. I still can see him following his mule and the cutting plow from morning to night. He couldn’t afford fertilizer, so the harvest was slim. He waited upon the rain and prayed for a good harvest. Sometimes he had peanuts to sell, and other times, he planted, and the rains did not come, so he had to wait another year.

George Washington Carver was a world-famous chemist who’s research on peanuts, sweet potatoes, and other products helped poor southern farmers vary their crops and improve their diets. He discovered over 300 hundred uses for peanuts, including chili sauce, shampoo, shaving cream, and glue.

George Washington Carver developed hundreds of products using peanuts but not peanut butter.