Passing on Treasures

November 19, 2020 –

I know you didn’t ask, but I want to believe my two children would expect me to pass on to them all my treasures: a small bag of 65 colorful marbles from the 40s, mostly top-of-the-line shooters: a slightly used genuine diamond-studied Duncan Yoyo; a Roy Rogers cap pistol with two packages of original caps; a package of never used carbon paper; one each The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books and a genuine railroad spike.

Oops, I almost forgot a used baseball bought in 1948 from a pawnshop for twenty-five cents. None of these classic treasures create ownership excitement with my daughter or son. And eBay declined ownership.

I’ve found satisfaction within myself in that I want little, and my needs are provided. None of the items listed are needs, but at the time I got them, I considered them wants.

Now that I want to pass on these products, no one wants them. Is it possible there’s no need for marbles, yoyos, cap guns, and carbon paper? Of all these items, I like marbles the best.