Observations from the Sidewalk

March 29, 2023 —

Everyone should take the ride I made this morning. The ride was a 20-minute journey to my Dr. Appointment. I observed people alongside the road (my wife was driving). She drives better than I do.

You learn a lot just by observing. People were standing at the city bus pickup stations, others were riding bicycles, and others were walking on the sidewalk (a few looked like they didn’t know where they were). But what caught my eye and tugged at my heart was the vast number of homeless. I felt pain for the individuals and guilt for my country. I saw a pool of potential producers that society has written off.

I saw a man holding a sign, “hungry, please help.” (I wondered if this man could be an entrepreneur if given a chance). I watched a man selling water for $1.00 (given a chance, would this man be a sales manager?) I saw a woman holding a sign, “Hungry, God Bless.” (Could she, given a chance, be a dental hygienist?) Next, a gruff man was sharing his little food with his dog. Inside this man, is there a philanthropist given a chance who would help many other people in need, even donate to the construction of a hospital?

America and American businesses pay a steep price when we look down on the down and outs when we should help them up. There is enormous talent strewn on our sidewalks and roadsides. I wish someone would devise a way to help avoid this situation and provide help and incentive for improving the homeless and dropouts to become contributing citizens.

What did you see on your trip today?