January 12, 2022 –

A powerful influence in an individual’s life is their name. I believe people live out the personal name they were given. Some people form an opinion about a person because of their name. For example, do the names Mary and Rita project the same personality? Susan and Selena, or Bob and Rocky?

We attach much meaning to personal names.

Biblical personal names carry meaning and influence actions in some ways.

Aaron, a teacher, and a mountain of strength

Peter, a rock or stone

Paul, small; little

Elijah, God, the Lord

Sarah, a lady, princess of the multitude.

Solomon, peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

Dorcas, a female doe-deer

If personal names influence behavior in some ways, how would other people see you? Would people speaking your name connect excellent characteristics to it? Do you project love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control?

If you don’t have these personal traits, start developing them, beginning with love; love combines the other eight characteristics.