June 10, 2021 –

  • The checkout line moves inversely to your urgency to check out.
  • The taste of a drink is equal to your thirst.
  • If you are in a turn lane, know the light will turn red before you turn.
  • If you fail to write your password down and believe you will remember it, you won’t.
  • A food dish you don’t like is a preferred dish when it’s the only dish.
  • When you talk less, you hear and learn more.
  • Two gems of equal weight may not have equal value.
  • When time expires, the team with the ball often wins the game.
  • A wet paint sign is an invitation to touch.
  • Newspaper “news” was news two days ago on the internet.
  • Prior to seeing the other person as a loser, look at yourself through their eyes.