Miracle Happen Outside The Box

June 24, 2021 –

There is an area outside the box where miracles happen. Normally we do not experience this zone due to our lack of faith. Nevertheless, it is real and the Bible offers proof of this miraculous area.

Open your Bible and discover an environment where:

There is a realm called: The Kingdom of God, an area where:

  • Donkeys talk.
  • A man is transported to heaven on chariots of fire.
  • Ax heads swim.
  • Jailhouses rock and roll, and the wall of cities fall.
  • The sun and moon standstill.
  • Rods turn into snakes; snakes into rods.
  • Water is turned into wine; rivers flow with blood.
  • People walk on water and through walls.
  • The lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the dumb talk.

The world has conspired to keep you inside your current paradigm and experience the mundane and not the miraculous. Allow God to be the ruler of your life and experience His spiritual kingdom. Others may view the world of technology as miraculous. The children of God know the resurrection is THE MIRACLE.