Lori’s Legacy

June 29, 2022 –

I don’t like to attend funerals or memorial services. I prefer to remember the person as they were the last time, I saw them. But sometimes I go. Recently. I attended the memorial service for a staff member who worked at my senior living residence. The service was in a small church in a strip mall in Lakeland, Florida.

The service was for Lori L. Merrill, a young 60-year lady who, from an earthly viewpoint, was called home too early. From God’s viewpoint, she was also called home early to ease the pain in her life caused by cancer. The people assembled were her sister, mother, daughter, other family members, her co-workers, fellow church members, and many of the senior members from the apartment complex where she served.

In describing Lori, the attending minister said, “In Lori, I saw Jesus. She loved to serve, encourage, and love people. Lori’s life was full of joy and happiness, despite her physical condition of pain and suffering.”

The people from her senior living apartments, who made up over fifty percent of the attendees at the service, can say “amen” to her legacy. She was a server, encourager, and loving, and where she was, joy and happiness abided. Thankfully, I can say, In Lori Merrill, I saw a humble, Christian lady that reflected Jesus. Maybe we can learn from Lori’s life and have others see Jesus in us.