Looking for a Mentor

January 11, 2023 –

I know of two accessible and beneficial mentors when you need counseling. Working hand in hand, the partnership resolves your worries, anxiety, and depression. Believers are familiar with the first counselor, God. Scripture instructs us to “Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you.” (Psalm 55:22a, NLT)

We give God our problems through the portal of prayer. Through prayer, we tell God about those challenging issues we can’t figure out ourselves. Using the Bible, we listen for guidance through His Word.

In addition to my Creator, I often look into a mirror, not to see myself but to contact my other counselor. The man in the mirror is the second-best source to help solve my problems. This counselor is accessible 24/7.

When we look into a mirror, the face we see is the ultimate personal teacher. The image reflected in the mirror is the face of the individual who knows us best. Now is the time to awaken the giant. Your mentor is not only within but also within your reach. What’s happening on the outside (behavior and actions) reflects your inner self. And what’s within is the stored material your mentor uses to shape and develop you.

Your mentor’s goal is to provide encouragement, information, guidelines, and wisdom that reflect your values and motivate and challenge you to focus on your strengths and talents to improve your life.

In many lives, the mentor in the mirror lies dormant, below the level of awareness. Instead of wielding a strong positive influence on one’s behavior, the dormancy of the giant sleeping results in counterproductive behavior and wasted talent.

Professional counselors exist in all parts of the United States, but you would agree that not everyone can afford these services. Why not take your worries to God?