Look Up the Word

November 17, 2021 –

My grandmother was small, 4-ft 9-inches tall, and weighed less than 105 pounds. But that did not diminish her role as the family matriarch. As I Remember, mama determined the mealtimes, set the time we took naps and did our chores.

Mama and her husband operated a pre-7 Eleven type store with gas pumps outside. Gravel covered the small service area where the two gas pumps were. My brother and I raked the gravel each morning to level out the service area. To motivate us to do a good job, grandfather hid a few pennies among the rocks for us to find.

The most important lesson my grandmother taught me was using a dictionary to discover the meaning of a word. Each time I asked her the definition of a word, she would say, “The dictionary is on the table in the bedroom.” I suppose those instructions were a holdover from her many years teaching grade school in a one-room schoolhouse.

Don’t encounter a new word and not look up its meaning— Google makes it easy.