Life through the Eyes of a Child

June 10, 2021

In times of stress, we often think about the good old days and our lives as children.

Paradoxically, people want to be an adult and a child at the same. We are always setting out to be a pillar of society and not make a fool of ourselves. But lurking inside of us is a child wanting to get out.

Six important lessons about life we learn from children.

1 – First Important Lesson – A child is enthusiastic and has boundless energy.

2 – Second Important Lesson – A child is a learner.

3 – Third Important Lesson – A child quickly forgets and forgives. 

4 – Fourth Important Lesson – A child lives in the moment. 

5 – Fifth Important Lesson – A child sees beauty in everything. 

6 – Sixth Important Lesson – A child colors outside the lines. 

7 – Seventh Important Lesson – A child exhibits little prejudice. 

I’ve thought about how nice it would be if I were a child once more for the last few years. Each time this thought comes to mind, my answer is always no! I have lived in the best of times, and I can still improve my life if I only look through a child’s eyes.