May 4, 2022 –

Do you realize you can learn a lot about life from a children’s book? For example, a problem can sometimes be kicked back to the person who presented the problem and request them to present a solution.

I remember a statement in Syd Hoff’s “Julius.” It is the story of an adolescent boy, Davy, who goes to Africa with his father to catch an animal for the circus.

While looking for a gorilla, Davy found a coconut. He kicked it into the bushes. Someone kicked it back to him! Surprised at this resistance — the coconut being bounced back to him — Davy asks, “Who is in there?” The answer he received was, “I’m a gorilla. My name is Julius.”

At times, we kick our problems to God and hope he won’t kick them back. We haven’t searched out the CAUSE of the problem, WHERE it originated, and some ways to solve it. We don’t take any serious action or personal responsibility; we kick the problem to God and hope He doesn’t “kick” it back. If He does, listen for His directions on how you get involved.

The Bible tells us that God makes certain “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Sometimes to open the door (find the solution), we need to keep asking and searching and our problem will be solved, and the burden lifted.