Job Passion

November 3, 2020 –

Passion, according to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, is “an intense, driving or overmastering feeling or conviction. Synonyms are enthusiasm, zeal, fervor, intensity, and gusto.” I think passion is the ingredient most missing in today’s worker. The lack of job desire almost always leads to two questions: 1. Why do I do this job? And 2. Is this all there is?

Unhappy employees don’t extend themselves. They master the art of looking busy but contributing very little. They’re going through the motions and deceive themselves and their employer. When you’re not happy at work, it has a massive effect on the rest of your life.

Passion creates excitement about arriving in the morning, being productive, and contributing to the team effort. Passion produces cheerful people.

People need a reason for taking action. The more critical the purpose, the more likely we are to accomplish the task. With a significant purpose, you can create passion and achieve almost any goal.