It Is Odd What We Remember

May 31, 2023 –

I fondly recall my mother’s chocolate cake with pecans, playing cops and robbers, shooting marbles, and reading comic books.

My memories include the stories other people tell. Here is an unusual story told to me by an older Bible teacher.

The story is about a woman who advertised to hire a driver. She interviewed three prospects on a road that led to a cliff overhang. She asked each man how close he could drive to the cliff before stopping. The first candidate said, “About 15 yards.” The second man replied, “I can do better than that. I can stop at 10 yards.” The last candidate said, “I would not be closer than 20 yards.”

The Bible teacher asked the class, “Which driver would you have chosen?”

Christians often wonder how close we can get to wrongdoing without committing sin.

King David reminds us of what we must remember in Psalm 135:13. “Your name, O Lord, is everlasting, Your remembrance, O Lord, throughout all generations.”