Is Your Work Shift Ever Over?

June 7, 2023 –

As I was driving from work to the hospital one day, I was thinking how lucky my friend was to be coming home the next day. His elective procedure and recovery took less than two days. Someone told me the average hospital stay was 4.6 days.

While in my friend’s hospital room, I overheard one hospital employee say to a fellow employee, “My work shift will soon be over.”  Because of her statement’s emphatic and defeatist tone, I assumed her work shift had been difficult and tiring. And, in a short time, her shift would be over. Or would it?

While the Dictionary defines “shift” as a scheduled period of work or duty, work can also be a blessing. Just ask someone unemployed but looking for work. Question a graduating senior who has yet to find a job. Ask a retiree who retired “too soon.” Ask an experienced Senior Citizen who feels he or she faces age discrimination. Or ask the employee who is truly under-employed and desires to contribute and earn more.

Work is a blessing when viewed as an opportunity. Employment is the chance to show your skills and prove you can handle additional responsibilities. Let people know that your shift never ends.

In the meantime, ask, “What good work can I do on my current shift?”