Instant Charisma

September 9, 2020 –

Given the option, most people would choose to be charismatic rather than dull. They prefer to be charming as opposed to unexciting. But, you don’t have to look far to discover that not everyone is attractive and appealing. I know people that were born with this seemingly magnetic gift. I know others who have acquired it through experience and practice. I know a few individuals who have no idea what I am writing about.

There is no magic script a person follows to become charismatic. In being charismatic, a person emits a magic spell. I have watched charisma open doors, gain interviews, sell products and services, negotiate more favorable deals, and acquire preferred seating in restaurants. Traffic tickets, avoid people with charisma.

Years ago, I created a product that would have motivational-hungry organizations beating a path to my door. During an aha moment, I remembered a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will make a path to your door.”

My product a 4-oz. aerosol can of magic that I named “Instant Charisma.” It would be my path to riches. People liked the product and wanted a free sample. No one wanted to pay for it. While there was not a mass market for Instant Charisma, there was a market of one.

Trying to help our shy teenage daughter be more extroverted, my wife and I signed her up for a high school speech class. She wasn’t happy with our decision. In an early class, she had to do a sales presentation for a product of her choice. I suggested she take a can of Instant Charisma and demonstrate how it helps create a positive environment to help users build confidence, command attention, and attract success—In short — be a winner!

Reluctantly she took a can to class. When it was her time to present, she walked to the front of the class and asked, “Are you looking for an edge? An advantage? In my hand is a magical 4-oz. Can of Instant Charisma. Each can of this personal magic contains an extraordinary combination of goal achievement and winning attitude to help you create self-motivation and magnetic charm.” She then sprayed the air above her head and challenged her audience to breathe in the magic and exhale excitement.

What happened next was magic. Her classmates began clapping and cheering. They loved the concept and the passion of her performance. That moment twenty-five years ago, changed my daughter’s life!

The magic wasn’t in the aerosol can —  it was in the clapping. It was evidence of her audience’s support, approval, and encouragement. Twenty-five years ago, when our daughter exited her cocoon to fly, it was instantly, but not due to Instant Charisma. It was her classmates’ authentication of her worth that transformed her into a beautiful butterfly. Her mother and I noticed the change immediately. She began to walk faster, stand taller, smile more. 

Sometimes the story is not about you. It’s about the other person. Your encouragement and support may help them stand straighter, walk taller, smile more, and take flight.

In one minute, you may have the opportunity to make someone’s day better.  Are you making the most of your options to recognize and validate the uniqueness of the people you encounter?  Today and every day, tell someone you are proud of them and mean it—the power to encourage releases the power of charisma.