I Can Smell Ice Cream

December 24, 2020  –

The top five ice cream flavors among US adults are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan. History records that Alexander the Great’s ice concoction mixed with honey and nectar was the first ice cream flavor. Ever since 1660, ice cream has been a choice desert for the public.

In the 40s, I lived with my Granny and Papa on their farm in Brinson, GA. My recollection of those early days is of a mule-drawn wagon for transportation, fresh eggs, fried chicken, home-made biscuits, freshly ground cane syrup, and farm-smoke ham. One of the best food memories is hand-churned vanilla ice cream.

Papa hooked up the two mules to his wagon and set out for a small general store to purchase a 25-pound block of ice for making home-made ice cream. He couldn’t afford to do this often, and the round was trip a little over two miles. The mules ambled, and the round trip took about two hours.

Granny poured the ice cream mix into the churn, and Papa placed the chopped ice in the churn. We all took turns churning the ice cream mix to keep the mixture moving while it froze. And I never considered it work because I knew turning the handle meant I would soon eat a dish of ice cream.

In 1999my wife and I took our first grandchild, Michaela, to The Mall of Georgia; she was two years old. While we shopped, Michaela fusses. To quiet her, I promised I would buy her some ice cream. As we started to exist, the mall, I forgot the promised ice cream, but my granddaughter had not. As we headed to the car, she diplomatically said, “I smell Ice cream.”

Suddenly, I smelled it too.