Four Days to Easter

April 13, 2022 –

My wife and I visited an old friend at her assisted living home. We are always excited to see her because it brings back many memories. But I also become depressed on these visits because I see residents that no one comes to see. Some of these residents have family within a mile to fifteen miles. And some will visit twice a year. Others never come.

If you asked why to visit your mother, father, neighbor, a former teacher, or anyone who affected your life: when you see family or friends, they know they are not alone; someone cares about them. But the secret to the visitation is the reward you receive as you look into their face and see “thank you” reflected in their eyes.

On Easter Sunday and Christmas, I see a lot of unfamiliar faces. I may know their names; I may not. It’s hard to remember the names of people you only see twice a year. I am excited to see them and hope they came on this Sabbath to visit and worship their creator.

There is the secret of the Sabbath that only the regular worshipers know. God wants you to visit Him every Sunday at His Home. You’ll find genuine joy and people who care about you.

Easter Sunday is only six days away. I can’t help thinking how many people will be at one of the two-morning services at my church—or any church (there are over 380,000 churches in America). One is near you.