For Christians, all Roads Lead to Jericho

July 13, 2022 –

In Roman times, they estimate that well over 50,000 miles of hard-surfaced roads connected cities, major towns, and military bases. The roads provided efficient means for the overland movement of armies, officials, and civilians, and the inland commerce trade goods. In ancient times it was said that “All roads lead to Rome.”

Today, Christians know all roads lead not to Rome, but to Jericho. Spiritually, there are four roads

  1. The Road to Jerusalem or the “Road of Salvation” where we experience a rebirth.
  2. The Road to Emmaus or the “Road of Revelation” where God reveals Himself to us.
  3. The Road to Damascus or the “Road of Designation” where God gives us a mission.
  4. The Road to Jericho—the “Road of Participation” where Jesus tests our faith. Somewhere on this road, Jesus presents us with an opportunity to prove our love by helping a neighbor in need. Our response shows whether we love our neighbor as ourselves and determine if we hear, “Well done thy good and faithful servant, enter into my rest.”

The brave travelers on these four spiritual roads experience these rules

  • Each road has obstacles to overcome.
  • We walk each road in sequence. We walk no road before traveling the road before it.
  • Each road has its reward.
  • Each road brings you closer to a walk with God.