First Row a Little Boat

January 26, 2022 –

Sometimes I buy a book because the title attracts me. One such book, “First You Have to Row a Little Boat,” caught my attention. The title revealed what the book was about, crawling before walking, walking before running. Placing fundamentals first is another way of saying first things first.

People repeatedly believe we can skip the fundamentals and become a success overnight. People become frustrated when they fall short or cannot reach their goals. Look at every day, week, month, a year as an opportunity to improve yourself.

I have never sailed a boat—little or big—but I have experienced attempting to overlook the small steps and aim for the final goal.

When we underestimate the steps involved in growing, the example of planting seeds comes to mind. There are four essential and sequential steps required to produce a flower. The four keys are necessary for developing personal success.

STEP ONE. Plant the seed in fertile ground. Don’t be surprised when the weeds of defeat and discouragement spring up among your seeds. Goal-minded people know to expect and plan for adversity.

STEP TWO. Fertilize and water. The flower doesn’t appear overnight. Don’t become discouraged and quit. Success takes time, hard work, and concentration, like learning to row a small boat.

STEP THREE. Embrace change. Give the seed time to grow. Have faith, and don’t accept the criticism of others. One day, you, like the little plant, will burst forth into a new environment.

STEP FOUR. Replant. Look for future growth. There are more incredible things ahead. The seed of one success replanted carries within it the origins of the next.

Success begins with planting seeds. Sow the seeds of hard work, and learn the fundamentals—determine your goal, focus on achieving it—you will excel.