First Date

November 8, 2023 –

There was this young girl who invited me to go to a movie. I accepted the invitation. Before her brother, his date, and his sister arrived to pick me up, my mother reminded me I was to pay for my date’s movie ticket. So, I put an extra fifty cents in my pocket.

We drove to the theater, enjoyed the movie, and headed home. When we arrived at her home, her brother stopped the car, and we all sat there. It was uncomfortable, and finally, my date opened her door and ran to the front porch.

I am sure she remembers this date. I do. This wasn’t her first date, but it was mine. I did not buy her popcorn or a drink and missed the opportunity to walk her to her door. Later, I learned that saying “good night” could be the highlight of a date.

© 2023 Wayne Nalls