Eleven Rules

June 24, 2020 –

Every action carries within it two outcomes: success or failure. People prefer success. I don’t know anyone who wants to be a failure. But it happens. It is the individual’s response to failure that determines whether they are successful. Winston Churchill pointed this out when he wrote, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

When successful people fail, they learn from the experience and then move on—the wiser—to try again. They don’t look at the failure as final; they see it as a learning experience.

Eliminate failure with these eleven success rules:

  1. Develop a can-do attitude. A positive attitude generates genuine enthusiasm and is a critical ingredient in success. Without a positive attitude, it is almost impossible to develop an inner drive toward achievement and success.
  2. Invest time and energy in self-development. Be a life-long learner. Keep your knowledge current and your skills marketable
  3. Have an innovative spirit. Always look for ways to innovate, to improve every single thing you do.
  4. Focus on the giving and not the getting. Don’t waste time thinking about what others—your boss, co-workers, spouse, and neighbors—owe you. Direct your energies to do good for others.
  5. Never lose sight of the goal. Ask, “Does this action take me closer or move me farther away from my goal?”
  6. Take action; execute. Each day take practical steps that help you achieve your goal.
  7. Be a problem solver. Evaluate the facts to uncover the camouflaged solution often hidden within the issue. Discover new and innovative ways to remove obstacles and accomplish your tasks. Don’t be known as a problem bearer; be recognized as a solution specialist.
  8. Identify your core values. These are your “bottom line” values. They identify what you believe is right, no matter the circumstances.
  9. Have integrity. Do what you say you are going to do. Accept responsibility and accountability for your actions.
  10. See the Big Picture. Success is a journey, never a destination. View your current position from a big-picture perspective. With a plan and determination, you will not always be what you are today.

11. Begin each day by looking into a mirror, smile, and say, “Today will be better than yesterday.”