Eight Quotes by Wayne

April 8, 2021 –

“Destroy integrity and you destroy civilization.”

“High expectations are not fulfilled by mediocrity when you fail to give your best.”

“It’s impossible to erase or change the past. But it is possible to move beyond it.

“Turn the details of the past into an advantage. So you can focus on today.”

“People are amazed at the number of ideas that emerge when they let their minds dream.”

“When you do your best and lose, it doesn’t mean you are a loser. It only implies someone did better.”

“Performance is the outflow of values gained from education, experience, environment, and entourage. Never cease to increase your knowledge. Seek new experiences, live in the right places. Hang with the right people.”

“We think there are many roads to happiness, but there is only one road to joy: the Jericho Road.”