Eight Quotes by Wayne

April 29, 2021 –

“Four key questions for success. WHAT do you want? WHY do you want it? WHAT do you have to do to get it? HOW will you know you got it?”

“Take the giver’s attitude; never expect more than you give, never want more than you have.”

“People don’t love you because of WHAT you do; they love you because of WHY you do it.”

“Opportunists see a vast universe with opportunity. Pessimists view a universe void of possibility.”

“Compassion is when you look at your neighbor through God’s eyes and respond as God would respond.”

“Treat people right. You may realize the better you treat people, the better they treat you.”

“What you take, you lose, what you giveaway, you multiply.”

“The showers of worldly possession do not create a rainbow.”