Dinner on the Grounds

July 22, 2021 –

There is no better place to be on Sundays than at church, especially if it is a worship service followed by a dinner on the grounds where each congregation member brings something to the buffet table, and everyone eats and drinks together. The potluck dinner is a way of socializing and allows time for both men and women to converse with each other and enable the children to play together.

My mother’s secret for a successful diner on the grounds was to get my young brother and me our meal and seat us out of the flow of traffic. This arrangement worked until one Sunday; she placed us under the dining table with our dinner and a Coca-Cola.

The dinner table cloths hung over the side of the table, hiding us from the adults passing down the line choosing their food. Everything was going fine until my brother, and I shook the Coke bottles with our thumbs over the top opening. Quickly the cola fizzed, and we spewed the foam everywhere.

Ladies began to scream and jump around. The fizz from under the table caught them by surprise. My mother diagnosed the problem quickly. She ripped the table cloth up, revealing my brother and me shaking the cola bottle and smiling.

We did not smile long.

That Sunday, I learned things do not go better when you shake up a Coca-Cola bottle and begin spewing it indiscriminately.