Diamonds Are Forever

June 17, 2020 –

Do you know the two most prominent selling diamond engagement rings?

Number one is solitaire rings. The gemstone is set high, which allows the maximum diamond exposure to light, enhancing its brilliance.

Number two best-selling engagement is the Halo. This “ethereal” style ring has a central gemstone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds to emphasize its sparkle and make it appear larger. The stones in both types of rings are scarce.

Because they are scarce, diamonds are among the most valuable substance on Earth. Besides its trademark brilliance and fire, the diamond’s predominant trait is its strength and durability. It’s the hardest mineral known to man, making it a prime substance for cutting and drilling. 

Scientists developed a synthetic diamond. These lab-grown rocks look like the genuine, but these synthetic diamonds don’t have the same properties as the natural diamond.

Satan attempts to be a synthetic god and woo us to his ways, but he doesn’t have the same properties of God. God’s love lasts forever. It is the strength and durability of this bond that guarantees you a home in heaven.

It’s no mistake that just about every wedding around the world — celebrity or not — involves a sparkling diamond. Diamonds are rare and forever. God’s love is inexhaustible and eternal.

As God created the diamond, He also wonderfully made you a sparkling, beautiful, and exceptional person.