July 28, 2020 –

There are few pleasures I enjoy more in life than eating a plate of my wife’s potato salad. When I have eaten, I say, “ho mangiato bene,” (I have eaten well).

She goes extra-mile in preparing the mixture of boiled potatoes, onion, celery, boiled eggs, and radishes. This is no “get-by” potato salad; this is the extra-mile salad. Going the extra mile is merely bringing out the best in salads and people.

By going the extra mile, Jesus turned water into wine to help a newly married couple avoid the embarrassment of a shortage of wine. By going the extra mile, Mary washed Jesus’ feet. In going the extra mile, Jesus forgave Peter for his denial. By going the extra mile, the four friends held tightly to the ropes as they lowered their paralytic friend through the roof so Jesus could heal him.

Each person has an opportunity to go the extra mile. If each of us chose a service opportunity, we would experience a defining moment. I hope that you decide to help a neighbor in need?

What are the moments that define you?