Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

May 17, 2023 –

I have two cardboard boxes sitting next to my desk in my bedroom. A visitor would say they looked out of place.

One box is six by nine inches, and the other is 8×11. What are three interesting facts about cardboard? The smaller box easily fits into the larger one. The boxes protected something from Amazon Prime. Printed on each side of the boxes are the words, “This box is now made with less material.” Less weight is the manufacturer’s goal. The soaring cost of transportation is another factor.

Since American printer Robert Gair produced the first efficient cardboard box in 1879, people have found thousands of uses. With the increase in production, the United States uses over 80 billion corrugated boxes annually. Recycling one ton of cardboard can save over nine cubic yards of landfill space.

Manufacturers package about 80% of products sold in the United States in cardboard. I’m saving the two boxes next to my desk to store everyday life stuff. Stuff I do not need today. Nor will I ever need, including the corrugated cardboard boxes.