Clothes Hangers

September 27, 2023 –

I discovered we have too many clothes hangers in our recent move to a new home. We have two large moving boxes filled with plastic, wooden, and wire hangers.

Unlike plastic and wire hangers, wooden hangers are sturdy and won’t bend. Their design keeps clothes in shape, even heavy ones like suits, jackets, winter coats, dresses, and jeans.

 A clothes hanger is a device shaped like human shoulders that helps hang clothes without wrinkling them. I find flat plastic hangers are best because they fit snugly together. Though wire hangers fit even closer, they are prone to bend easily, and they allow the clothes to nestle close to each other.

Undoubtedly, I don’t have enough clothes to need 125 hangers. Therefore, I will use 80 hangers to help me stay organized. The other 45 will remain boxed and stored with my other keepsakes. I must remember that I’m a user of clothes hangers, not a collector of wooden, wire, or plastic hangers.