May 20, 2021 –

Depending upon the billboard’s position in relation to the road and traffic volumes, outdoor billboards cost from $1,000 to 12,000 a month; a billboard in New York City can be over $20,000. Despite the cost, a billboard is effective in drawing attention to and selling products and services.

Many people don’t realize that a church on a busy street or road has hundreds, if not thousands, of people riding by their marquee sign each day. Take the time to formalize your message. Expect your sign to invite people to worship within your sanctuary and expect the self-fulfilling prophecy to work. The essence of it is that your interesting message will affect the behavior of someone riding by.

I see church signs that read: Visit us Easter Sunday. (Too bad it’s June). Another sign says, “The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody,” wouldn’t it be more personal to say, “The Church Were Everybody Is Someone.”

Here are a few examples of church signs that offer a benefit to the passerby.

“We Gather To Worship. Join Us.”

 “We Introduce People To Jesus.”

“Join Us In Our Walk With God.”

“Build Spiritual Relationships Here.”

“We Search For God’s Purpose For Our Lives.”

“We Search For The Lost Sheep.”

“Join Us At The Foot Of The Cross.”

“We Invite You Just As You Are.”

“Give Us The Opportunity To Pray For You.”

“Looking For A New Life. Find It Here.”

“Our Power Isn’t In The Pulpit. The Power Is In God.”

“A Church That Loves God and Loves You.”

 “God Has A Plan For You. Discover It Here.”

“Your Search For God Ends Here.”

The church billboard is a powerful communication tool. Use it wisely. As John the Baptist said, I’m not the one; I am only a messenger. A church billboard isn’t the complete message, but it tells a message.