June 3, 2021 –

“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” – Ingrid Bergman

Aging controls us, or we control it; it is just a matter of degree. When confronted with wrinkles, a declining desire for activity, and memory loss, frustration and anger can occur. While we acknowledge aging in others, we often avoid the thought the process is also affecting us.

While viewing the internet today, I witnessed the process of growing old. On the internet was a posting of stars then and comparing pictures of famous people from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Even the “beautiful” people age; some are unrecognizable in their senior years. The comparable pictures of Donnie Osmond, Ann Margret, Annette Funicello, Sally Field, and Paul Anka reveal the external signs of the aging story.

Aging is normal and affects all of us in three ways: biological, psychological, and social. Biological aging happens, but following a healthy lifestyle may help you live longer. Certain drugs, strong relationships, reading, and puzzle-solving, may help with psychological aging. We can take some measures to minimize the effects of social aging. People who maintain a positive attitude about aging live longer and may recover better from a disability. Things that can be done: regular exercise, meet and keep old friends.

Learn to live your best life and have the biological, psychological, and social, physical, and mental health to enjoy it. Accept your age. Aging is inevitable, and learning to embrace it can make all the difference.

When I compare my younger pictures with my photos of today, even though I am not a star, I have, like Paul Anka, aged.