A Professional

October 11, 2023 –

As she gave us the pros and cons of our new home and the benefits of living in Walterboro, SC, our realtor impressed me with her sales ability. I asked if she had read “Death of a Salesman?” She said, “Yes.”  

Death of a Salesman follows the life of Willy Loman, a struggling salesperson, and explores some key points and how they can apply to everyday life. The story is a heartbreaking exploration of human struggles, aspirations, and the complexities of family life. By reflecting on the key points of “Death of a Salesman,” you can gain insights into your life and make more informed decisions.

Willy Loman strives for the American Dream, which means anyone can succeed through hard work. The book shows how unrealistic expectations and mindless ambition can lead to dissatisfaction. In everyday life, it’s essential to have goals and dreams, but it’s equally important to be realistic and adapt when necessary.

Willy’s money problems and ambition hurt his mental health and relationships with his family. This serves as a reminder that financial stress can profoundly affect individuals and their loved ones. Financial stability and responsible money management are essential to avoid problems.

  • The Destructive Nature of Pride and Ego: Willy’s excessive pride and inability to accept help or criticism contribute to his downfall. His belief in being well-liked and admired overshadows his actual sales skills. Personal growth and success can come from being open to feedback, acknowledging weaknesses, and seeking help.
  • The Illusion of Success: Willy’s obsession with appearance and success leads him to live in a world of illusions and self-deception. He constantly embellishes stories to maintain the image of a successful salesperson, even when the reality is quite different. Being genuine and authentic in everyday life is crucial, embracing successes and failures.
  • Legacy and Impact: The book raises questions about the legacy one leaves behind and the impact of one’s actions on future generations. In everyday life, we must consider the consequences of our actions and strive to leave a positive legacy.