A Long Sermon And A Deep Sleep

December 21, 2022 –

I don’t recall any woman falling asleep in any sermon I’ve heard. But I have witnessed several men napping.

In the book of Acts, Luke records the fascinating story of the Apostle Paul miraculously bringing back to life a young man named Eutychus, who fell asleep during a long sermon by Paul. The darkness of night, a long speech, the smoke from the oil lamps, and maybe a little boredom (Eutychus was young) contributed to the youth falling asleep. Once asleep, Eutychus fell out of a third-story window where he was seated and plunged to his death.

When Jesus reflects on the parable, he instructs his disciples, saying, “So stay awake, alert. You do not know what day your Master will show up.” (Matthew 24:42). One day, all Christians will fall asleep only to be raised by Jesus.

I am not a great bible student; I read and study the Bible. But when I’m in a worship service, I listen. Great things come out of being awake and not sleeping for one opportunity. Napping, on the other hand, creates ignorance.