A Handwritten Personal Letter

August 12, 2021 –

There is something unique about a handwritten personal letter. It’s better than an email, no matter what the social media gurus claim. We read emails and often delete them. A good handwritten letter can last a lifetime and even become a treasured possession.

Some of my most treasured possessions are letters sent congratulating me on graduating from high school, receiving a football scholarship to the University of Florida. Other treasures include an invitation to my wedding and several thank-you letters from former associates telling me they enjoyed working with me.

I am the poster child for pack rats. If I have ever had something, I still do. But emails are in a trash can somewhere in the cloud.

A personal handwritten letter tells you a lot about the writer. When you open the envelope, you unmask the sender. You quickly determine the mood and sincerity of the writer. Is this a giving letter providing information, a compliment, or an offer letter, requiring something?

The time of the handwritten letter is about to pass. Teachers teach a few people cursive writing in school. Some people don’t take the time to be personal; they zip off a cold email and hope you won’t be offended. 

Over the years, I’ve saved many treasured handwritten letters. Today, I deleted yesterday’s emails.