A Doctor, A Carpenter, and A Realtor

April 21, 2021 –

Often it takes time to meet a classy individual. This week was the time. I met three professional Christian men, a doctor, a carpenter, and a realtor.

During the exam, the doctor and I exchanged biblical stories and his spiritual journey. He has a Bible study room in his home and an expansive religious library. He is a proactive witness and prays for his patients, neighbors, and the lost. He got his current position with my primary doctor’s practice because both my primary and he are Christians. This doctor is a man who walks his talk.

The second classy man I met is a professional carpenter. I’m moving and need several fix-up projects done before listing my house for sale. My classy, professional realtor is a notable Christian who recommended the carpenter. You did not ask, but I encourage you to say a prayer for the realtor’s wife, who is facing a bone marrow transplant to fight her cancer. She has an exact match, her sister.

From the start, this carpenter’s spiritual viewpoint was evident. He said he was a believer and hoped I was too. During the three hours he worked the first day, he shared spiritual stories of personal witnessing and helping the homeless in our town.

We must remember that it is natural for people to resist meeting new people for fear they won’t like them and the meeting will be unpleasant. It is better to expect to meet a few classy individuals than avoid people, not like you. You may encounter a professional like a doctor, carpenter, or realtor who loves the Lord.