June 26, 2019 –

Every one of the 165 plus miracles recorded in the Bible is preceded by 165 plus problems. No problem, no miracle.

The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary on my desk defines a miracle as “a special intervention by God on behalf of humankind.” God chooses whether to intervene; the decision is His to make. But, His response results from a problem caused by mankind.

Wickedness brought about the world-wide flood. God saved Noah and his family and two of every animal. Genesis 7 and 8.

Pharaoh’s army corrals the recently free Israelites at the Red Sea. God parts the waters for His people to pass through on the dry ground. Then He releases the sea to annihilate the Egyptian army. Exodus 14:21-31.

Jonah disobeyed God and was thrown from the ship into the sea where God provided a giant fish to swallow him and later spit him up on the shore. Jonah 2:1-01

The wedding day feast was the most important event in Jewish life. They ran out of wine. Jesus called for 6 pots of water which He changed to wine and saved the day. John 2:1-

A Roman Centurion’s servant was sick unto death. At the request of the Centurion, Jesus spoke the word, and it healed the servant back at this home. Luke 7:1

Jesus is in the miracle business. What is your problem? A miracle will happen, but it may not be the miracle you asked for or the one you expected. It may not be on your timing, but remember Jesus is always on time and always works on our behalf.

Often the miracle is the peace that comes because of presenting our problem to God. Asking God to work within His will acknowledges His power and your need for that power to permeate your life and calm the storm.